Humberto is an independent filmmaker, digital media creative, arts advocate, and arts consultant for Revolution Arte.

He has been a public educator for fifteen years. He teaches digital video & audio production and heads Cougar Productions at John B. Connally High School, a title one school in the Pflugerville school district. He incorporates digital storytelling, social media, guerrilla filmmaking techniques, personal electronic devices, theatre arts, and a wide array of artistic techniques into a project-based and engaging learning experience for his students.

He was a co-founder of a non-profit organization, the Cinema Du Cannes Project (CDCP).  CDCP’s after school program worked with high school students in the Pflugerville school district to teach them the art of cinematic digital storytelling and digital media production.

Humberto has over twenty years of experience in live music performance, music production, theatre production, filmmaking, digital media production, mask-making & craft production, and producing cultural & artistic events.

Vanessa S. Alvarado is a managing director and production assistant for Revolution Arte.

She is an actress, dancer, singer, and writer.  She ventured into Austin from the Border Land in deep South Tejas to grow in the creative energy unique to the Capitol City.

She has performed in various plays including Teatro Vivo’s Petra’s Cuento, Adela’s Altar, and La Victima.  She has been dancing with the Aztlan Dance Company since 2008. Aztlan Dance shows that Vanessa has participated in include Feathered Serpent, Sexto Sol: Cumbia Cruiser Guide To The Galaxy, SwitchBlade: An East Side Story, Chicano Cumbia Vertigo, Influences: A Cinematic Showdown, and La Loteria.  Her film/video credits include the webseries - Katy, Harvest of Redemption, and TRLA Sexual Assault PSA.  Additionally, Vanessa supports various local youth programs through mentorship and community outreach.  Her work fosters community unity, the local arts, and defending human rights.


“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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